The internet has helped a large number of industries to expand in ways that were previously impossible. The travel industry is among the ones that experienced the most significant benefits. In today’s technology-reliant world, many travel agencies have migrated partly or completely to the internet. The latter are called online travel agencies which are basically distributors and re-sellers of travel services which are bought directly from the suppliers themselves.

In this post, we’ll give an analysis on, a budget online travel agency that sells cheap tickets to everyone in the world. Why use JustFly?┬áThis online travel agency is only four years old yet it has already been praised countless times by organizations and previous customers due to its high quality services. With an over-saturated industry, how did JustFly manage to break through and become the successful entity that it is today? Let’s find out.

A brief look at

JustFly or launched their website in February of 2014. It is known for offering some of the cheapest travel tickets around the world. Today, they offer airline tickets, hotel room bookings, cruise trip tickets, and just recently, they also started offering car rental services from different countries around the world. While it’s not the first of its kind, it certainly managed to learn from all the mistakes and lessons of its predecessors. The company is affiliated with several other online travel agencies which has allowed them to expand their network of customers.

The company has, as of today, partnered with more than 440 airlines as well as 10,000+ hotels, car rental companies, and cruise lines. JustFly has created their own system which has allowed them to get first access to their suppliers.

Reasons for you to use

Why Use

There are several reasons why customers love this budget travel agency. If you’re a traveler who is always searching for ways to optimize your travel booking experience, check out the points below.

#1. JustFly is an ideal OTA for travelers who love versatility

Online travel agencies of today are so advanced that you can easily create your own itinerary without too much effort. This attribute can be seen in Their search feature is simple, yes, but it also provides a surprising amount of versatility. Whether you’re simply looking for a flight ticket to your home city or whether you’re a world traveler who is constantly on the move from one country to another, JustFly makes sure that you get the services that you need while also spending as little time as possible while you book tickets. The company understands that modern travelers no longer only want to see tourist spots. People want to visit some obscure. less-touristy areas that still hold the same kind of unique beauty.

#2. Enjoy cheap travel tickets without compromising on quality

While JustFly is a budget online travel agency, they don’t only offer budget airlines and hotels. This website allows you to book travel services from all price ranges but still manage to be cheaper than most OTAs. Booking your trips through means that you’ll manage to save more money even if you are buying business class airline tickets. If you’re the type of traveler constantly seek ways to make your trips cheaper but would like to avoid low-quality services, JustFly is the way to go.

#3. Fast, easy, and reliable

Ever since then, people have always been searching for ways to complete tasks faster and more efficiently. JustFly has optimized its booking process so well that you can easily complete the entire process in less than 15 minutes. This quick transaction is perfect for people who are always on-the-go. Moreover, once you’ve completed your payment, you’ll get your e-ticket sent to your email almost instantly. You don’t have to wait for hours just to receive it, making it ideal for emergency flight and hotel bookings.

Try JustFly today

Hopefully the points above are enough to let you reconsider your online travel agency options. You don’t just have to settle for the big OTAs (which also come with BIG fees.) JustFly is here to help you save money while also making the most of your trips. Visit today and let us know what you think!

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