Tripadvisor is an american travel website company, that provides reviews of travel-related contents. It also includes interactive travel forums.TripAdvisor claims to be the largest travel site in the world with more than 60 million users and 170 million reviews and opinions regarding: hotels, restaurants, attractions and other travel-related businesses.



TripAdvisor was founded by Stephen Kaufer in February 2000. The website’s original idea was not a user generated social media site to swap reviews. TripAdvisor started as a site where their focus were coming from guidebooks, magazines and newspaper. They even had that “Visitors add your own review” button on the site and soon, the number of consumer reviews far surpassed the number of professional reviews.

TripAdvisor is headquartered in Needham, Massachusetts.

How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:     
  • Contact Number:         781-800-5000
  • Head Office Address:  TripAdvisor Inc., 400 1st Avenue, Needham, MA 02494

Reviews – What people are saying

A combination of positive and negative reviews, are posted on TripAdvisor’s app page. Giving reviewers a different conclusion. Some of TripAdvisor’s complaints talks about the app’s technical glitches, while the other reviews talks about how great TripAdvisor is. Some of these reviews are listed below:


My wife and I use this app everytime we go out of town or state that way we don’t waste our time and money on crappy places”
—Jason Tate (Via Google Play)

Tripsadvisor app

“The hotel was very clean,beyond my expectation.Awsome rooms.Ac was working and so was everything else.The staff were very courteous and absolutely friendly.The management made me feel at home.Especially Mr Amar Yadav,Manager was a good gentleman and friendly.I had a pleasant stay overall and will recommend Oyo and their team Hotels. Krishnan”
—KRISHNAN STR (Via Google Play)

“ Ordered pie an peas from the pie in the sky pie shop Guisborough for our residents at Kemplah House in Guisborough. Beautiful pies and peas the owner delivered in person and boxes to. Will definitely use again and visit”
—Denise Sandilands (Via Google Play)

The Website


With its green theme and the ambient view of a beach that they use as their background. TripAdvisor’s website gives a relaxing and inviting feeling, making every user to explore the website and discover its offers. In this website, you can search for flights, hotels, restaurants and even activities. Upon filling the search bar, users can compare the results with regards to their needs. Users can also read reviews from their selected category to check whether it’s going to be the best choice or if they should make another comparison. You can visit TripAdvisor’s website by clicking this link.  

Mobile App


As for the mobile app, it also serves the same offers as the website, but more handy and convenient. The app also has a feature where users can post photos for the other users to see, it’s like a sort of a review, though more like a visual one. The app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded for free by clicking the links below.

TripAdvisor for iOS: TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor for Android: TripAdvisor


I personally use TripAdvisor for reference in searching for the best place to travel, It’s quite convenient for users to compare some travel-related categories by just reading some reviews. I think TripAdvisor really helps travelers to manage their travel plans, for a hassle-free journey. With the complaints and concerns, however, I think it’s more convenient if TripAdvisor’s customer service and technical team should pay attention in fixing these matters.


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