Summer is fast approaching and there are lots of travelers who are starting to look for different activities that they can enjoy with their family and friends. If you’re one of them, here’s our list of Top 7 Activities for Thrill Seekers that might give you an idea.

The Cage of Death

Top 7 Activities for Thrill Seekers - Cage of Death

First on our list of Top 7 Destinations for Thrill Seekers would be the Cage of Death in Australia’s Crocosaurus Cove. You might be thinking that it’s may not be as deadly as it sounds, but you might want to think again. The Cage of Death gives thrill seekers the opportunity to go face-to-face with one of the world’s deadliest predators. Guests are lowered into a crocodile enclosure where they’ll stay for 20 minutes while being surrounded by 800-pound crocodiles.

Swimming with Great white sharks

Top 7 Activities for Thrill Seekers - Swimming with Sharks

If you’re one of those travelers who love underwater activities, then you’ve probably heard about swimming with the Dolphins which is quite popular in many ocean parks. If the thrill in that is not enough for you, we suggest that you try out Swimming with the great white sharks in South Africa. At Marine Dynamics, marine biologists take their guests to sharks infested waters where they’ll stay for two hours. The guests will be submerged in the waters while inside a cage as they face one of the largest and deadliest predators in the World.

Zapcat Powerboating

 Top 7 Activities for Thrill Seekers - Zapcat Powerboating

This may not sound as scary as the first two adventures on our list, but don’t let the name fool you, since Zapcat Powerboating is not as safe as it sounds. Adventurers will ride on a boat that is specially designed to be light and quick. These boats are well-known for reaching unbelievable speeds that every thrill seeker would definitely enjoy.

Whitewater Rafting (Tatshenshini Rivers)

Top 7 Activities for Thrill Seekers - Whitewater Rafting (Tatshenshini River)

The last water activity on our list is whitewater rafting. Compared to other activities mentioned above, this one will need some classes to prepare the traveler to be able to safely navigate the Tatshenshini Rivers of Alaska. Navigating through the river won’t be easy and adventures should expect to see icebergs, glaciers and a variety of wildlife throughout the course.

BASE Jumping in Zakynthos

Top 7 Activities for Thrill Seekers - BASE Jumping at Zakynthos

Zakynthos is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful weather, breathtaking beaches, and the alleged smuggling ship wrecked on Navagio beach in 1983. This island is not only famous for its eye catching beauty, it is also a an ideal destinations for thrill seekers who love BASE jumping, an extreme sport in which a participant will leap from a fixed point like buildings, antennas, spans(bridges) and earth(cliffs) – hence the name BASE, before using a parachute to break the fall.

Ride the Tianmen Mountain Cable Car

Top 7 Activities for Thrill Seekers - Ride the Tianmen Mountain Cable car

The Tianmen Mountain Cable Car is not just the longest cable car in China, it is also the longest in the world at 7,455 meters (long). Its maximum climbing angle is 45 degrees and it runs over vast subtropical forests, caves and  steep cliffs. Adventure seekers will surely want to try the longest and steepest cable car ride in the world.

Visit the Island of Dolls

Top 7 Activities for Thrill Seekers - Visit the Island of Dolls

Being one of the creepiest tourist attractions in the world, Isla de las Muñecas or Island of Dolls in Mexico is considered as a shrine of evil spirits. What to expect when visiting this island? Well, nothing but branches and trees covered with hundreds of mutilated dolls. Some of the locals who (are brave enough to) live on this haunted island, say that the dolls move their heads and (remaining) limbs, and open their eyes to watch the visitors. 

That ends our list of Top 7 Activities for Thrill Seekers. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and find it helpful in making your travel plans. Be safe and happy traveling!


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