Modern technology has created a lot of opportunities for many industries to improve the products and services that they offer to their clients. Transportation, education, the medical field and even the travel industry have been greatly affected by these developments. Everything was made easier, more convenient and less time consuming; which is exactly what every customer wants. After all, anyone who is busy enough with work and chores at home wouldn’t want to deal with complicated stuff, especially when booking their needs for a holiday. Different travel agencies have used modern technology to offer their products and services online. This gave them a larger market and made the process less complicated for their clients. In this article, we are going to take a look at the Top 10 Online Travel Agencies for 2017, the products and services they offer to their valued customers.


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 - JustFly

Justfly is an online travel agency that uses its technology to search through thousands of flight options from 150 different airlines, rooms from more than 900,000 hotels, apartments, condominium units and other types of accommodations, and car rental services in more than 30,000 car rental locations in not less than 170 countries. Aside from these products and services, clients can also browse through 87 million verified reviews from previous hotel guests. Justfly was launched in 2014 and is focused in serving the travel industry in the United States.


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 - Expedia

Owned by Expedia Inc., is an online travel agency that uses a technology which lets their clients search for flights, hotel rooms, car rental services, cruises, activities and other travel deals. Expedia  offers hundreds of flight options from more than 130 airlines, hotel rooms from over 140,000 hotels and different package deals. It also has customer service agents who work 24 hours daily to answer questions and assist their customers.


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 - Flighthub

Based in Ontario, Canada, Flighthub is a travel fares aggregator and metasearch engine that offers flights, hotels and car hire services. Flighthub has partnered with more than 150 different airlines in order to offer cheap and affordable flight rates. Clients can also choose to book rooms from over 900,000 hotels, apartments and condos. Its car hire services are available in more than 30,000 location which allows clients to explore 170 countries from around the world, and choose to book the services from brands such as AVIS, Dollar, Sixt and many more.


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 - Kayak

Kayak’s technology searches through hundreds of different travel websites  to find cheap flights, hotel rooms, and car hire services to help them save money with each booking they make with the company. Kayak’s product and services are available in 18 languages and their customers can sign in to their Kayak accounts to manage their travel plans and access other travel related information saved by the customers.


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 - Travelgenio

Travelgenio is an online travel services provider based in Madrid, Spain. The company uses a search engine that allows their customers to look for and book flights and hotels. Additionally, clients can use Travelgenio to keep track of their flight schedules and other travel details that may be useful to them. Travelgenio’s blog is also available for clients to visit, so they can gather details about hotels, destinations, activities, and travel related information, and get ideas for their next trips.


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 - Opodo

Opodo is another online travel agency that offers regular and charter flights, tickets for low-cost airlines, car rentals, hotels, cruises, holiday packages, and travel insurance. It saves the personal information entered by the customer and its auto-fill features allows the customers to save time whenever they book. Clients are also given access to the saved information, travel itineraries and other travel related information.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 - Orbitz

Orbitz offers a wide range of travel deals such as hotels, flights, car rental services, things to do and many more. This company based in Chicago, Illinois, allows their customers to access details about upcoming trips, address information, maps for easier navigation; receive flight alerts , hotel check-out time and other useful travel information that customers might need.


Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 - Priceline

Famous for its “name your own price” system, is a commercial website owned by The Priceline Group that offers travel deals online. It searches for discount rates and other travel deals that the clients can purchase. Customers can enter their preferred price when looking for different travel deals such as airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rental services and vacation packages.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 - Airbnb

Airbnb is a private company which specializes in hospitality services; offering short-term lodging such as vacation and apartment rentals, hotel rooms, hostel beds and homestays. This company is an online marketplace which allows their clients to find and rent short-term lodging in residential properties. Airbnb has more than 3,000,000 listings in over 65,000 cities in 191 countries. Their service is unique because the cost of the accommodation will be determined by the owner of the property and the company will receive percentage service fee from the host and the guest after each booking.

Top 10 Online Travel Agencies 2017 - is a Dutch online travel agency that is owned and operated by The Priceline Group since 2005. The company specializes in offering different kinds of accommodations and letting their customers make lodging reservations. has listed around 1,200,000 properties and their services are available in 40 languages.


That concludes our list of the Top 10 Online Travel Agencies for 2017. Take note, there are other online travel agencies available on the web and each company has its own unique way to address the needs of their clients. There are other online travel agencies which specializes in offering a specific product or service and there are others who offer almost everything that a traveler might need during the trip. Always remember that when booking with any service provider, make sure that you are getting what you paid for, because what really counts in the end is being able to enjoy the trip.

We hope that you enjoyed reading this list of our Top 10 Online Travel Agencies for 2017. Feel free to share your thoughts and experience with us using the comment box below.

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