RoadTrippers is a web based software application that helps travelers plan road trips. RoadTrippers lets users discover independently owned points of interest in the United States and Canada. Once a trip is saved, it can be synced to the RoadTrippers iPhone or Android app; for turn-by-turn navigation, and further local discovery while on the road.


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Origins and Ownership


James Fisher RoadTrippers CEORoadTrippers CEO James Fisher, grew up traveling. His fellow co-founder: Tatiana Parent, shares her passion for travel; having traveled the US extensively by herself. Fisher and Parent both brainstormed the idea of RoadTrippers in 2010, The creation of Roadtrippers began as they were frustrated with the lack of useful travel resources. Particularly for finding independent places to visit, and sync travel advice with navigation.

By 2011, Fisher and Parent moved from Great Britain to focus on their company. In July 2011, a Cincinnati-based startup accelerator called: The Brandery; accepted RoadTrippers into its program. In June 2012, the company launched a public beta version of its application. The application allowed the use of the unpolished software in order to gain full feedback, for the website’s full release.

RoadTripper was mentioned on TIME’s 50 best websites in the world.


How To Reach Them?


  • Website URL:          
  • Contact Number:             (917) 688-9887
  • Contact Email:        
  • Head Office Address:      131 E Mcmicken Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio. 45202-6520 United States

Reviews – What people are saying


Based from RoadTripper’s users, a series of negative and positive feedbacks are posted on the app’s download page. Though most of the negative comments are about the technical bugs and glitches of the RoadTrippers’ system, their approachable staff and attentive technical team never fails to fix these bugs and glitches through constant app updates. Some of these reviews are posted below:

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I had trouble signing into my app thought I lost all my great trip memories and information but nope!!They have the best support I’ve seen from an app in a long long time. This is your bucket list, trip organizer mileage calculator and more who needs all those other apps this one has them all”

—Doreen Cox



“Love the concept and have used it to find outdoorsy adventures! I’d love it if you could adjust the gas cost estimate based of off individual mpg.”

—Eamon McCarthy

“I used this app earlier this year, but then they updated and they changed the layout and everything. It’s harder to use now and is not user friendly. I liked previous versions better as it was simple and easy to use.”

—Liz Lewandowski

RoadTrippers App 2“ Had some bugs, but seems to be working great now. Using it to plan a 3k mile road trip around the Western parks. Love the unique features. A few suggestions… would be nice if it was easier to see times and distances between legs without turning all the others off. Also would be great to have a pin feature to place a pin in a location without an existing tag. Finally, you MUST create an offline ability to download trips for locations without service! Could be a 5 star app with a few minor changes!”

—Casey Squires

The Website

Cool and Refreshing, with hippie fonts and designs that really boosts your eagerness to travel. RoadTripper’s website allows a user to indicate his location from point A to point B with designated dates and duration. Upon filling up the designated forms–just by clicking Go, the website will lead you to its second page, where it will show you an image of the map of your desired location, the cafes, parks, restaurants, and other places that you will encounter while you are on your travel. You can visit RoadTripper’s website by clicking this link.

RoadTrippers App Website

And of course, there is the Mobile App which offers the same features; just more handy and convenient as you can use it with a swipe and touch of a finger. RoadTripper’s App is available for iOS and Android and you can download it by clicking the links below.

RoadTripper for iOS: RoadTripper
RoadTripper for Android: RoadTripper

RoadTrippers App


If  you’re planning on traveling solo or with friends, this app might help you. Especially if you’re that kind of traveler who always wants to hit the road and watch the surrounding passed by through your window, while you steadily hold the wheel and slightly stomped into the gas pedal. RoadTripper will surely help you locate the fastest routes, right stopovers, and even count the kilometers that you have met while traveling. It’s a fun and helpful app.

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