What makes a legitimate travel agency? Legitimate is a word that has a straightforward meaning — something legal, reliable, and functional. A legit business has to be properly and legally registered, it must deliver its promise to the customers, and it has to offer solutions to pre-existing consumer problems. However, a lot of businesses seem to only stop at the first point. Online travel agencies are especially prone to criticisms because travelers are known to have high expectations.

In this post, we will talk about an online travel agency called FlightHub.com. This Ontario-based business that provides airline tickets, car rental services, hotel bookings, and even cruise trips.

About FlightHub

FlightHub began as an offline travel agency from a town in Ontario, Canada. Back then, they were operating from a small office and is made up of a team of travel experts. The business only decided to take on the worldwide market after several years of operation. The original team expanded after hiring several web developers, designers, and customer support professionals.

They all worked together to form their own framework, system, and website which allows them to sell exclusively-priced tickets and limited-time discounts directly from the suppliers themselves.

Customer reviews

If you want to trust a company, the first and easiest thing that you can do is look at online reviews. You’ll need to work through your way to find some valuable and factual reviews which can be hard to find. For FlightHub, I noticed a lot  of people complaining about the flight quality that they received and I truly do not understand that. FlightHub, like all OTAs, are merely distributors of tickets bought from airlines. They have no control over flight delays, cramped seats, and annoying seatmates that you may or may not experience during your flight.

As far as reviews go, FlightHub’s ratings are surprisingly good. They are a rather unpopular OTA and that’s a real shame. This company claims to provide affordable flight tickets for everyone and they are known to walk their talk. Customers praised FlightHub for the fast, cheap, and hassle-free online booking method.

This straightforward process is what  truly makes FlightHub stand out from other OTAs of this day. Other travel agency sites present new features that people rarely use. These additions can also translate to more expensive prices, and I’m sure nobody likes that. If you’re a fan of flexible travel itineraries in conjunction with instant ticket delivery via email, go ahead and explore FlightHub.com.

FlightHub ratings from different review websites

First, let’s take a look at FlightHub’s rating on HighYa.com. HighYa is a website who provides honest ratings for different websites with the help of customer reviews. HighYa gave FlightHub a rating of 4.5. over 5 stars.

Is FlightHub Legit 1

Next, let’s look at Feefo. This website is a rather popular review platform for customers. Their website allows people to provide honest reviews and suggestions for whatever business they have purchased from. Here, FlightHub still garnered a high rating of 4.1 stars over 5.

Is FlightHub Legit 2

Lastly, we take a look at Google Play. FlightHub’s mobile app offers the same services as their website and through its ratings, we can see that FlightHub is still provides a smooth and reliable user experience. The app has a rating of 3.5 over 5 stars which is not bad.

Is FlightHub Legit 3

So, is FlightHub a legit OTA?

It all boils down to customer experience. Considering the years of experience that FlightHub’s staff as as well as their business longevity—running a business for 20+ years is no easy task—we can say that FlightHub is doing its best to stay true to their promises. That is, to provide an affordable, fast, and readily available way of buying travel commodities.

The customer reviews and ratings that FlightHub has is a reflection of how well they are doing as a business. People will only patronize something if they truly liked what they got. Here, we can definitely see that their customer base are satisfied.

Do you buy your tickets from online travel agencies? If you do, I suggest that you visit FlightHub.com or you can also download their mobile app. Let us know what  you think afterwards!

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