Hipmunk is a consumer-oriented online travel company, headquartered in San Francisco, California. It was co-founded by Adam Goldstein and Reddit co-founder: Steve Huffman in 2010. Hipmunk focuses on the visual organization of flight search results.

Hipmunk received increased media attention when Google announced its flight search service in 2011.

Hipmunk presents search results, chronologically; by time time of day on single page. Flights are ranked by price, schedule, and “agony”; a score based on factors such as duration of the flight and number of stops. Hipmunk also ranks hotels, filtered by price, reviews and an “ecstasy” rating. Aside from flights and hotels the service looks up airbnb results and sort relevant train route provided by Amtrak.

Hipmunk is programmed using Python and Tornado and rents infrastructures from Amazon EC2.

Hipmunk App Logo

Reviews – What people are saying

Generally, Hipmunk’s users are giving both positive and negative reviews, both towards the website and the mobile app. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for Hipmunk as users continues to use them for their travel plans,and travel managements. Some of these reviews are posted below.

Hipmunk App2Hipmunk adds an important feature by sorting travel itineraries by least agony (combination of price, layovers, etc.). This is really cool, and I will definitely use this site as my starting point for airtravel, as much as possible. The interface can be confusing at times, though.”
—Martin (Denmark)


I was harsh before, then they fixed my reported bug. Now I’m super excited for the future of this app. A comapny with promise that cares for their users. Got a bug? Email them and they’ll totally hook you up with a dev, who will troubleshoot, and won’t stop until they get a solution. Google can learn from them. I’ll keep using this app. Super easy to find flights, book and get hotel deals. Next up would be car rentals and special airport maps. Awesome app and support.”
—Ramon Mcnally (Via Google Playstore)

Hipmunk App1 I love how simple the layout is, always finds me a great deal. The feature for travel based on category is nice as well. I first heard of this site on the today show a while back and have been using it ever since.”
—Guy Stallbaumer (Via Google Playstore)

“ Gets info straight to you by email – only improvement would be ability to select/deselect airlines and choice of communication, eg text or whatsapp rather than email. But love it!”

—Priya Sonawane Salvi (Via Google Playstore)

The Website

Hipmunk Website

Upon entering Hipmunk’s website, the site’s cute squirrel will welcome you together with the colorful tabs and panels of the website’s interface. As i was saying, Hipmunk can help every user to search and find for flights, hotels, car rentals and even cheap package deals. You can check Hipmunk’s website by clicking this link.

Hipmunk Mobile App

Hipmunk App3Hipmunk is the fastest, easiest way to plan travel. This app will save you time by comparing all the top travel sites so you don’t have to. Plus save up to 60% off hotel with new Tonight Deals. This app will help you find the lowest prices on air fare, book hotels—the fastest and the easiest by using the app directly, search for car rentals and many more.

Unlike every other travel apps out there, Hipmunk doesn’t just show you the cheapest flights first; the app sorts by “agony” instead, which incorporates important factors like flight durations, number of layovers and of course: price.

Hipmunk mobile app is available for Android and iOS, and you can download it by clicking the links below.

Hipmunk for iOS: Hipmunk
Hipmunk for Android: Hipmunk  

How To Reach Them?

  • Website URL:                 hipmunk.com
  • Contact Number:          N/A Live Chat Support Only
  • Contact Email:               contact@hipmunk.com / support@hipmunk.com
  • Head Office Address:   434 Brannan St, San Francisco, 94107  


Hipmunk App Logo


In conclusion, Hipmunk continues to impress their users with their outstanding performance when it comes to assisting travelers, especially with their travel plans. With their vast variety of search results that are chronologically aligned, users won’t have a hard time picking the right choices for their travel plans. And with their constant updates with regards to their mobile apps; complaints about certain bugs and other technical issues are gradually resolved, leaving users with nothing but a convenient app that works efficiently and effectively.

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