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FlightHub, or also known as Momentum Travel Group is a tech company based in Ontario Canada. Their tech savvy team of entrepreneurs and skilled developers created the online travel platform and quickly thereafter took over the Canadian market. FlightHub is the largest online travel agency to serve Canada, by traffic numbers a lone. But what are their customers saying about them? That’s what we are going to explore in this 2018 Flighthub Review. It’s one thing to be big, but what is more important to the customer base is how well they will be treated when booking through the company.

To find real customer reviews, we’re going to be looking at a few trusted and established online review platforms. It can be tricky sifting through a mess of reviews online, wondering who indeed published it, whether its the competition or the company itself. The sites we will be looking at only allowed verified customers to publish reviews on their platform, and in this way we will only be looking at the most trustworthy Flighthub reviews.

The first review website that we will look at today is called Feefo. They are a very large and established online review platform that seeks fairness for both the company and the customers submiting the review.

The first and most obvious thing we can look at on Feefo is the overall rating that customers gave their experience with FlightHub. Here we can see in total that over 5,700 people voted totaling a 4.1/5 star rating, their score consists mostly of 5 star reviews which is a good sign so far for people looking to book with FlightHub.

FlightHub Reviews on Feefo 2018

Next we’re going to look at what real FlightHub customers are saying about their experience.

Site easy to navigate, even for a non-computer person like me. And when I made a mistake it was easy to get my money back. Prices are fair, and I was able to get the flight I wanted I will surely use this site again and recommend it to friends and family. When I called the person who answered was pleasant and helpful. Thank you


It was extremely easy to find a flight. My original flight got canceled and I used FlightHub to locate a cheap flight within an hour of my original one.


I booked rather quickly, but I felt it fair and I did so at the moment. All was smooth. Don’t care for all of the pop up ads, but the transaction was ok.


All in all, FlightHub reviews on feefo were generally favorable. Let’s move on to the next set of Flighthub reviews.

The next website that we’ll be looking at is SiteJabber. Sitejabber is another trustworthy source to find reviews from as customers are required to provide their booking reference number in order to post the review.

Flighthub scored an overall rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 based on a total of 2,300 reviews. Although one thing that we did notice was that the overall rating on SiteJabber may be slightly skewed. If you look at the second image, you can see a breakdown of the overall star rating. The breakdown consists of Service, Value, Shipping, Returns and Quality. Everything there received either a 4 star review or a 4.5 star review except for the “shipping” option which isn’t a service that Flighthub provides. This item recieved 3.5 stars and so it’s possible that their overall rating would be higher if customers had the option to not select that option.

FlightHub Reviews on SiteJabber

And of course the last bit of information that we’ll look at in this Flighthub review from SiteJabber is what customers are actually saying about the company.

It’s simple, quick processing and the prices can’t be beat! I use a website called yycdeals.ca where they refer your site a lot on cheap flights all over the world. Before I discovered your site/app a couple years ago I never thought I could afford to travel abroad. Since my first booking experience- I have booked 3 trips within a year!! Highly recommend!

Monica .F

Helpful service from the person at phone to book a flight for the best price. Last minute had to take bags and the person was so helpful in finding the various prices for the different amount of bags taken.

Mohammed M.

After being stuck in an airport for over 12 hours I decided to buy another flight. I went on flighthub and it gave me the cheapest, best flight without having to search for hours.

Emily M.

The final website that we’ll be looking at today is TrustPilot. They are a very large and popular review platform which many people go to to receive highly trustworthy reviews from real customers about companies. Let’s have a look now, shall we?

Overall FlightHub seems to be doing pretty well on Trustpilot. their reputation is quoted as “Great” with a total of 74,600 reviews and an overall rating of 4/5 stars. We can also see a nice breakdown of what percentage of customers voted which star. 68% gave flighthub a 5 star rating, 34% 4 stars, 4% average, 1% poor and 3% bad. The poor and bad reviews are common of companies this size, but we did also notice on this Flighthub review page that FlightHubs customer service agents are responding to negative reviews and working towards resolving the few issues that arose.

FlightHub Reviews on TrustPilot

And as usual let’s have a look at what their customers are saying.

So far i like flight hub. Ive only booked a couple times but Ive typically always gotten cheaper flights then others and its easy and smooth. Will be booking again when needed.

I often travel with Flight Hub and am very happy with them!

I would recommend this company to other flyers.


Everything you need in one site: cheap flights, easy booking, travel insurance, AND love that I can choose my seats then and there. Two thumbs up FlightHub.

If we take an overall view of the customer reviews for FlightHub we can confidently see that the company does do its job to provide its happy customers with affordable prices and support in times of need. FlightHub is doing well in 2018, we’re happy to see that in such a large industry with many shady companies operating that FlightHub is doing its job to separate themselves from those connotations. Have you had an experience with FlightHub? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

FlightHub Contact Info:


Phone Number: 1-800-711-1755

Email: beta@FlightHub.com


Flighthub Inc.
11½ Second Street West, Cornwall, Ontario, K6J 1G3


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