One upcoming holiday that has a special place in people’s hearts is Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day usually falls in March or May around the world, and in 2017, the main event occurs on the second Sunday of May, May 14, 2017. This day honoring and remembering mothers or maternal relationships is dated differently around the globe, and of course, celebrations differ.

5 Key Mother's Day Celebrations Around the World people

Many countries revere or highly esteem women, with some cultures considering them the source of life and true seers of the world. Naturally, those that had become mothers represent the culmination of the unique qualities in a woman. The list below showcases how varying cultures celebrate Mother’s Day around the world.

1. Japan

Japanese children immortalise their mothers with drawings or portraits titled “My Mother.” In this traditional contest, the winning works of art are exhibited far and wide, taking their sentiment for their mothers across Japan and oceans in a unique way.

Carnations, especially red ones, also play a big role in Japan’s Mother’s Day celebrations. Japanese moms receive the special treatment and a lot of other luxurious presents.

5 Key Mother's Day Celebrations Around the World Japan

2. United States of America

Anna M. Jarvis famously lobbied for a universal Mother’s Day holiday in the United States. Done in remembrance of her mother and other mothers whose sons perished during the Civil War, the first Mother’s Day in the United States of America happened in West Virginia. On that day, carnations were given to attendees; flowers remain the American traditional token of love for mothers on US Mother’s Day.

5 Key Mother's Day Celebrations Around the World United States of America

3. Australia

Aussies probably face Mother’s Day with the most uncontested zeal. Such is their value on motherhood and mother figures that even aunts and grandmothers are showered with attention. Children offer gifts, cakes, and flowers to their mothers on this day. Like their American counterparts, Australians give carnations, especially chrysanthemums to their mothers, who are called “mums” in Australia. As with the US Mother’s Day, white flowers represent living mothers and red flowers represent the deceased.

5 Key Mother's Day Celebrations Around the World Australia

4. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom’s Mother’s Day has ties going back centuries with the Christian season of Lent. They call their celebration Mothering Sunday. It is commemorated on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and is sometimes called Refreshment Sunday, defining their setting aside their fasting to remember the Virgin Mary or the Mother Mary.

Traditionally, they bake what they call Mothering Cakes or Simnel Cakes, a special fruit cake spiced with almonds. Now, the usual gifts are given to UK mothers in the tradition of American Mother’s Day.

5 Key Mother's Day Celebrations Around the World United Kingdom

5. Ethiopia

Ethiopian “Mother’s Day” lasts for three days, is called Antrosht, and doesn’t fall on a specific date. The people wait for the end of the fall rainy season, then take three days off for a unique feast with their mothers. In preparation for a hash recipe, females are entrusted to bring in butter, cheese, spices, and vegetables, and males bring in the meat. Communal celebrations mark this festival after the mother distributes the hash, in commemoration of family and their mothers.

5 Key Mother's Day Celebrations Around the World Ethiopia

Wherever you are from, mothers have a unique date on our calendar that’s dedicated to them and their work to nurture and influence others.

What can you say about our holiday-inspired reviews? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!

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