Airports have a number of establishments within so travellers can experience their first or last taste of the city. For travellers in for a long stay at any airport, the sight of an art exhibit is welcome, offering a greatly enriching crash course on the art and culture of the area. Here in our review, we list 5 standout US airports that try to make their passengers feel welcome and appreciative with great art exhibits:

5 Great US Airports With the Best Art Exhibits traveller

1. Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport has permanent collections. Their other exhibits, meanwhile, rotate. Art exhibits can be found in different places throughout Denver International Airport. The purpose of bringing art into Denver International Airport is to make travellers’ stay at DEN more meaningful, so they can view unique displays and learn more about the art and culture of the place.

5 Great US Airports With the Best Art Exhibits Denver International Airport

2. Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport started their art exhibitions in 1998. Since then, there had been more than 300 exhibits viewed by PHL visitors. The purpose of these art installations, like other airports in the United States of America, is to enrich travellers’ time at the airport and to communicate the unique culture of the Greater Philadelphia Area in particular. Philadelphia International Airport’s Exhibition Program had won the airport awards and recognition since its inception, wherein current art exhibitions and their art exhibitions archive can be viewed on PHL’s official website.

5 Great US Airports With the Best Art Exhibits Philadelphia International Airport

3. Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport collects and displays their variety of art to enrich people’s stay at MIA.

The airport has a children’s gallery and numerous artworks spread throughout the vicinity. Miami-Dade Art in Public Places (APP) was established in 1973 in the area, letting artists get out of galleries and museums and into the community, where Miami International Airport is the County’s largest Art in Public Places (APP) user. Art tailormade to blend with Miami International Airport’s architecture and other site-specific art installations are carefully chosen.

5 Great US Airports With the Best Art Exhibits Miami International Airport

4. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport features both permanent and rotating art exhibits as part of their Airport Art Program. These two kinds of exhibits are found on numerous spots inside the airport. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s Youth Art Galleries rotate quarterly, featuring the artwork of Georgia’s K-12 students.

What sets Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport apart is their commitment to delivering performance art series on top of their art exhibits and site-specific artwork.

5 Great US Airports With the Best Art Exhibits Hatsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

5. Nashville International Airport

Lastly, the birthplace of blues and soul music won’t be left out in the American airport art scene. Nashville International Airport places an emphasis on bringing music into their airport art experience, with music in the terminal and music events. They have a quarterly Flying Solo Exhibition Series, founded in 1996, featuring works by contemporary artists and also commission some works specifically for BNA.

5 Great US Airports With the Best Art Exhibits Nasville International Airport

Art, we see from these 5 American airports, isn’t reserved for just museums and galleries, especially with more people either being interested in art and travel or looking for something different to spend their time on while inside an airport.

5 Great US Airports With the Best Art Exhibits viewer traveller

What can you say about our art and culture reviews about 5 great US airports and their standout art exhibits? If you have anything to add, feel free to leave your comments here below!

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